Multi-Family & Commercial Process

Our Process

For over 50 years Eiseman Construction has been working on multi-family townhouse and condominium projects.  We have done everything from clubhouse renovations to the replacement of roofs, sheathing, firewalls and gutters at large residential association projects.  Our commitment to meeting the needs of the residents, boards and property managers is foremost.  The combination of our skilled, fully trained installers with our friendly and professional office staff will exceed your expectations and deliver a quality performance that will leave you satisfied.

1.Bid Process

  1. RFP Provided and bid presented if requested
  2. Contract awarded and deposit delivered
  3. Color selection
  4. Board/property manager meeting to discuss needs of the community (ventilation, building codes, color choice, building order, etc)
  5. Resident communication is finalized (see below)

2.Resident Communication

  1. Staging area will be designated and communicated to residents
  2. Homeowners are notified of their start date with a hard notice
  3. Dumpsters, portable toilets and materials are delivered directly to each building
  4. Outdoor furniture and garden accessory relocation
  5. Removal of window screens
  6. Vehicle relocation night previous or by 6:30am the following morning

3.Project Completion

  1. Clean up and inspection at the end of each day
  2. Final quality control inspection is completed when all work has finished
  3. Punchlist items are addressed
  4. Warranties are provided to HOA after final payments
  • “What a great job you and your whole staff did in our community. You indeed have a hard working crew and efficient too! Thank you and congratulations on a job well done. We are always quick to compliment but not so quick to say thank you when we are pleased. The beautiful new roofs have improved the look of Brookstone tremendously. P.S. They also protected the plants!”

    Resident, Brookstone Condos, Yardley, PA


How long will the project take?

The duration of a project is determined by the size of the roofs, the size of the community, delivery schedule of suppliers and weather.  This determination is made on a per project basis.

What is the daily schedule?

  • Roofers will work Monday through Friday; unless permitted to work on Saturday
  • Work will start at approximately 7 am until sundown
  • Work will not occur when there is a high probability of rain
  • Please note timelines are weather dependent and subject to change

How to prepare your home?

Once you’ve received your door notice it is time to prepare your home for the construction process.

  • Move your car to a common area before 6:30 am the morning work is to begin on your building.
  • Move any outside deck or balcony furniture or flowerpots inside or away from your building (approx 30′). If you do not move your personal items, Eiseman Construction will move them as needed, however, Eiseman Construction is not responsible for damages to personal items.
  • It is recommended that wall hangings such as artwork, pictures, etc. are removed as they may fall due to construction vibrations. Screens are also recommended to be removed as they may tear.
  • If you have a satellite dish installed on your roof, we will be removing it and placing it on the ground. Please contact your satellite dish provider to reinstall the dish and adjust it properly. Note that the satellite cannot be mounted on the new shingles as that will void your warranty.
  • If you store items in your attic, we recommend they be removed or covered since some light debris will fall inside due to the replacement of plywood.
  • If your skylight is being replaced, please move furniture or place a sheet/tarp under the area as light debris may fall through the opening. Note that there may be some interior work required on the drywall after the skylight is replaced and that is not included in the cost of the skylights.
  • We ask that you treat your home as an active construction site until completion. Please refrain from the use of your deck until your building is completed and our crews have performed a thorough clean-up of construction debris.

What do I do when I need to leave my home?

Call the office at 215-345-9159 if you need to leave or enter your home at least 5 minutes before necessary. The office will contact your onsite manager who will knock on your door when it is safe to leave.

What if I find nails or other debris on my property?

Removing and replacing roofing materials is messy business. We do our absolute best to pick up all debris, but as this is a large construction process, smaller debris can be missed. In addition, thousands of nails will be removed from your building. Please park your car in the alternative areas until your building is complete. Please contact the office or your onsite manager if you notice that an area needs extra attention.

What if I find damage to my property?

Due to the nature of construction, mistakes can happen and there can be damages. Please call the office with any concerns. Your onsite manager will be sent to evaluate and we will determine how to set the situation straight.

Please note that pre-existing conditions, such as nail pops or seam cracks on interior drywall, or not preparing your property as detailed previously are not covered.

If you have any questions about this policy please call the office to discuss with our highly qualified customer service team.

Will my pet be distressed by the construction project?

The re-roofing process is noisy when working on your home and this does distress some animals. Some customers do choose to make arrangements for their animals during the days their roof is replaced.

Our crews do their best to clean up daily, but stray nails are possible. Please be cautious when walking your dogs, especially in areas that are under construction or have just been completed. Call the office if you find any areas of particular concern.

How will my landscaping be protected?

This is a major construction project and we do our best to protect plants with plywood structures and tarps. If you have any specific plants that need extra attention, please call the office and we will make the necessary arrangements.

We also suggest waiting to conduct new landscaping until after your building is completed.

What do deliveries of materials look like?

  • Large boom trucks deliver materials to each build
  • It takes approximately 2-3 hours per delivery
  • Some materials will be left on the ground in designated staging areas
  • Dumpster roll-off trucks will be delivering and removing cans as needed
    • Please note: The dumpster is for construction use only

How will my home be protected on the exterior?

  • Plywood is utilized to protect gardens/shrubbery as well as windows and glass doors
  • Tarps are secured to the eaves of buildings when shingles are removed