Single Family Process

Our Process

For over 50 years Eiseman Construction has been working on roofing projects. We have done everything from asphalt, cedar, and slate roof replacements to minor repairs. Our commitment to meeting the needs of homeowners is foremost. The combination of our skilled, fully trained installers with our friendly and professional office staff will exceed your expectations and deliver a quality performance that will leave you satisfied.

1.Make an Appointment and Meet with an Estimator

  1. Set an appointment and discuss specific needs of your home (ventilation, skylights, code updates, etc)
  2. References are provided if needed
  3. Discuss products for a formal proposal
  4. Sign contract

2.Prepare Your Home

  1. Color Selection
  2. Permits are applied for by office staff
  3. Start dates notified
  4. Prepare your home for a construction project

3.Project Completion

  1. Project clean up and
  2. Warranty issued after final payment
  3. Quality control inspection
  4. Owner thank you call
  • “We wanted to compliment your company on its excellent performance. Dealing with Eiseman is a pleasure. The men sent to repair our roof were skilled and professional. The gentleman who completed the carpentry was exceptional….Communiciation with the office was pleasant and professional and all calls were returned promptly.”

    John and Michele Brienza


When will I be scheduled?

Scheduling typically takes between 2-4 weeks. This is dependent on weather, product availablity, and township regulations.

How do I know if I need a permit?

Applying for the required permits is handled by the office staff. Some townships do require the homeowner to hand in the permit, but Eiseman staff will walk you through the process.

Can I see color samples?

Yes, we have sample boards that can be dropped off at your home or we can provide addresses for you to see what the shingles look like on a home in your area.  

When do I make payments?

1/3 of your payment is due the morning we begin work and the last 1/3 is due when the work is completed.

When will I receive my warranty?

After payment in full, the Eiseman 5 year workmanship warranty is immediately in effect. The manufacturer’s warranty on materials is applied for by Eiseman personnel and will be mailed to you directly from the manufacturer (typically 4-6 weeks after project completion).