October 31, 2022

Eiseman Construction Honored for Certified Excellence in Roofing

At Eiseman Construction, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch roofing services to our customers. We are committed to consistent, high-quality work that meets the needs of those we serve, and it is important to us to adhere to the highest industry standards.

This is why we are proud to have received the GAF Triple Excellence Award. Bestowed by North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, this award is a highly sought-after distinction among roofing companies and represents a commitment to providing customers with the best possible service in the industry.

But what does this award mean to you? Here are three reasons this certification matters:

Installation Excellence
Eiseman has earned the GAF Triple Excellence Award by consistently carrying out multiple installation projects that meet the stringent safety and quality specifications of GAF experts. When you hire us for your next roofing installation, you can rest assured that we have a long track record of high-quality work, and we will never complete a project without making sure that we have met the highest standards of our industry.

Training Excellence
We are committed to ongoing professional development for our teams to ensure we are updated on the latest roofing trends and technology. We are always learning, and our work will always evolve with the most recent developments in our industry. We strive for constant improvement because our customers deserve the best value possible.

Consumer Protection Excellence
Our roofing projects are covered by industry-leading warranties, and we make sure our customers are informed about the various components of their roofing projects and how these components protect their roofs. Whether it’s a new roof or a replacement, a roofing project is a big investment, and it is important to us that our customers know what they are paying for and how they are protected.

You can count on Eiseman for excellent service. We deeply value all our customers, and always ensure that we give each customer the personal attention and excellent service they deserve. The GAF Triple Excellence Award signifies that we meet these high national standards for quality and safety.